Darwen Tower

A few photos taken on my mobile phone from a early Spring walk to Darwen Tower

Great Hill from the path to Darwen Tower

First sight of the Tower

The expanse of the Darwen Moors

The Tower is getting closer

The "Metropolis" of Darwen !!

Approaching the Tower with it's new dome visible on the top.

The old dome was blown off in a winter storm in 2010

The Trig point on top of the Moor, right alonside the tower.

The view from behind the trig point.

The stone spiral staircase to the top of the tower

A view from the top, It looks like snow on the ground but there wasn't a single flake.

The view in the opposite direction


The path down

Darwen Moor

The path leading off the fells

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Sunday 18th March 2012