A walk over Darwen Tower from Tockholes

Darwen Tower

There are several good walks and routes around Darwen Tower, One of my favourites starts on Tockholes Rd at the car Park and information centre next to the Royal Arms pub.
From the carpark, head over to the row of cottages to the right of the information centre, keep to the right of the gable end and immediately through a gate stile on to the open fellside. Follow this broad track uphill with the Jubilee Tower in view on your left.
On reaching another stile, pass through and into a short stretch of woodland, emerge and follow the track to your right, rising steadily uphill with a stream behind a wall on your left. Follow this track as it climbs, and bends to the right, then left and eventually meets another broad path coming from your right once you have neared the top.
Carry straight on, following the stone waymarkers dotted along the path. There are several paths branching off but keep on the main path as it bears left heading towards the tower.
On reaching the tower, it really is worth climbing the spiral staircase on to the viewing platform to see the extensive views across Lancashire and out to see. The view east is not so brilliant unless you’re keen on Darwen !!

Leaving the tower, turn right and follow the broad track that bends left and down off the hillside. The way ahead is very clear, keeping to the main path which narrows then bears left through some trees to emerge on a road with a pub directly in front of you (The Sunnyhurst).
Turn left here and follow this wide unmade track towards a large house on the right. The track then splits, keep to the left on the higher path. As the main path bears left You are now looking for a grass path on your right hand side that leaves the main track heading straight on. Follow this grassy path down to stile, and head down across a field towards another stile in the dip below.
Cross another stile and a small stream before entering a field and bear left following the hedge line back up hill, The hedge will be on your left. Keep straight on over a stile on to a track and follow the now stoney path between buildings to appear back on Tockholes Rd, beside The Royal Arms. Turn left and back to the car park.