Some of the Great Trams of Europe
And I've been on all of em !!

One of my favourites, in Budapest by The Danube with the Palace and Chainbridge in the background

A Dublin Tram, very comfy and smooth, but far too modern for my liking

A Krakow Tram, The Trams in this City are brilliant

Another Krakow Tram - A blue one !!

Still in Krakow, and a Green one !!

Back in The UK, Wales and Llandudno. The Great Orme Tramway, not electric, pulled along by a chain

As one car goes up, one comes down. One conterbalances the other

The chain that pulls the trams is in the channel in the middle of the rails

One of the Old Trams in Milan

Another Tram in Milan

One of the older Vienna Trams

This beauty is in Prague

Still in Prague

One of the new Prauge Trams

Back to Italy and this tram is in Rome

Another Roman Tram - Horrible colour, they look really drab

This Tram is in Vienna and is actually a coffee Bar

Another Vienna Tram, this is Tourist tram that travels in a circuit around The Ringstrasse

The Number one tram on the Ring Road in Vienna

A modern Vienna tram

But this one has far more character

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