A Spring walk over Spence Moor and Ogden Clough from Sabden.

The grassy path on to Spence Moor

Looking back to Sabden

He's off to the pub to watch the footy !!

An intersting photo of a stile and a wall !!

Approaching Deerstones on Spence Moor

Looking back towards the Ribble valley

Descending into Ogden Clough

Ogden Brook, that supplies the resrvoir at the head of the Clough

Another interesting stile, or kissing gate in this case !

Looking back along the path we have just followed

Higher Ogden Clough Reservoir

Sunshine on the reservoir

The concrete baffles are to slow the water down as it flows from the reservoir

The view down the valley

Looking up towards Pendle Hill

Looking back into Ogden Clough from the other side of the reservoir

The remains of a barn on Spence Moor

Back on the valley floor heading towards Sabden

Sunday 13th March 2011