Photos from a Sunny Spring walk  to
Smearsett Scar

This fella was singing his head off

And he wasn't camera shy

Little Stainforth

Over the stile and on to the Fells

The early morning mist soon burnt away

Todays target...... Smearsett Scar, then across the ridge to Pot Scar

A closer view

A short, sharp climb to the trig point and the view along the ridge

It was incredibley warm today for late March.

It was still slightly hazy but we could still see the mist clinging to the valley floor below

The route follows the wall

and looking back the other way, back to Smearsett Scar

Tracey is heading for Pot scar

a view back along the ridge

The small hamlet of Feizor and our next port of call

A lone tree amongst the limestone pavement

Descending to Feizor

The ridge from Feizor

The cafe

Passing through the hamlet

We've left Feizor and going back uphill again

Pen y Ghent, through the haze

Time for a breather !!!!

The pack horse bridge at Stainforth at the end of the walk

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Sunday 25th March 2012