Rome, Italy, May 2012

A selection of photos from our recent visit to The Eternal city

The Spanish Steps

The Trevi Fountain

Me, at the Trevi fountain

One of the thousnads of impressive Roman buildings

The awew inspiting coloseum

Constanine's Gate alongside the Coloseum

Inside the Coloseum

The tunnels, passages and prison cells that were below the floor.

Looking from the Coloseum towards the Roman Forum

The ruins of Ceaser Augustus's palace

An actual house that was occupied more than 2,000 years ago!!

Roman Ruins in the Forum

Ancient houses

There are pillars and columns everywhere

The Pantheon, The oldest building still in use today for it's original purpose, as a Temple

The Castel del la Angelo from the bridge over the River Tiber

St Peters Square and Bassilica at the Vatican city

Inside the Vatican

One of the hundreds of fresco's within the Vatican

The view of Rome from the Top of St Peters Bassilica

One of the many fountains around the city

A Roman Tram !!!

Rome, Italy, May 2012