Musbury Tor from Helmshore - Approx 6.5 miles, reaonably challenging

Starting from the car park on Park Rd, take the signed path straight ahead as the road bends right. Follow this track up hill to reach a cottage, passing through stiles in the front garden. With Tor Hill now dead ahead bear left through a gate a go diagonally left uphill to another gate. Through gateand follow wall on left untila gap and stile in the wall. Head slightly downhill to the field corner and over a stone step stile.

Follow the wall on the left to reach a farm track and head uphill. Having gone around Tor hill, go through a gate and go straight on with a small plantation on the left. Straight on through a gate and over two stiles. At second stile turn left and follow the obvious path in to this fantastic clough head.  Follow this path around the head of the clough past several ruined farm buildings, at a Rossendale Way sign turn sharp left towards the ruin of Causeway End (photo below). Pass the ruin and bear left at the wall at the top following clear path accross the moor.

At a fence with signs warning of shooting range, turn right and follow fence to end then turn left heading for the now visible Trig point on Hog Lowe Pike.

From the Pike, return the same way but fork left almost immediately. Cross a stile and drop to cross the head of a clough and up the other side on a diagoanal path that soon becomes flagged. At a junction of paths by a pile of rocks, bear left and down through a wooded glade. At the bottom by a nother junction of paths continue onward then bear right to emerge from the trees overlooking the reservoirs. Follow the obvious track besides the reservoirs. Approx half way along the 2nd res (Ogden res), take the path that branches right and rises diasgonaly up the steep banking, soon emerging into the old quarry workings and tall reconstructed chimney.

Bear left then right at a fork through the spoil heaps to meet a stone wall, follow the wall left to a stile, cross and turn immediately left. Follow this path until another fork to the right starts your descent. From here the path is obvious, eventually meeting a farm track, bear left along the track with the stream on your right.

Follow this track and the brook to pass in front of a small group of cottages then follow the track back to the road. Turn right to emerge at your starting point.