Malham Cove and Gordale Scar

The old Clapper Bridge in Malham Village

Janet's Foss. Legend has it that Janet, queen of the faires lives in the cave behind the water fall !!!

Heading into Gordale Scar

The route to Malham Tarn includes climbing the waterfall in Gordale Scar

Looking back from half way up the waterfall

The water cascades down the scar

The impressive Gordale Scar from above, a mini Grand Canyon

The path from Malham Tarn runs through "the dry valley" a former river that once cascaded over Malham cove, but now runs underground

Follwing a dried up ancient river bed

A choice of routes

Continuing on towards the Cove

The llimestone pavement above Malham cove - Clinkes and Grikes

Descending into the cove

Malham Cove

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