Malham Tarn and Goredale Scar
A fantastic July walk from Malham to Janets Foss, Up and through Gordale  Scar, climbing the water falll, around  Malham Tarn before returning to The Village via Watloes dry valley and Malham Cove

The Buck Inn, Malham

Janets Foss

Heading for Gordale Scar

Summer in The dales

approaching Gordale Scar

The way up is to the left of the waterfall

The upper waterfall from the climb

Looking up the Scar

Looking down the  waterfall

Tracey strides on ahead

One of the upper falls

One of the many caves in this part of Yorkshire

Yorkshire's  Grand Canyon

Heading for Malham Tarn

Malhan Tarn

From The Tarn we head through "Watloes" - The Dry valley

The Dry River Bed

Looking back the way we have just come

Nearing the famous limestone pavement above Malham Cove

The view over the edge of the Cove

The "Clinks and Grikes"

The Cove on the descent from the top

and from the bottom

Me, stood on the clapper bridge

And back to The Buck Inn !!!

Sunday 24th July 2011