Loughrigg Fell from Pelter Bridge.
Friday 10th May 2013
This is a great walk alongside Rydal water then up on to Loughrigg Fell, Fantastic views all around

Looking across Rydal Water near the start of the walk

The entrance to Loughrigg Cave, It's safe to enter, crossing the water by the stepping stones.

Inside the cave

Tracey wouldn't come in !!

The walk continues along Loughrigg Terrace

At this point we left the path and headed uphill to the summit.

The River Rathey linking Rydal Water into Grasmere

Looking across Grasmere from higher up

And up and up !!

The trig point on Loughrigg Summit

And the view south over Windermere. The weather was changing rapidly now...For the worst.

The summit from the descent

Dropping back down to Rydal Water with Nab Scar across the lake

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Friday 10th May 2013