Photos from a Good friday walk  to
Kingsdale and Yordas Cave

The road into Kingsdale and our starting point

The steep climb on to the fells

Near the top of the limestone scar

We weren't expecting snow up here today.

Heading towards Rowton Pot hole and cave

Snow on the fells

Rowton Pot, there is a huge cave system at the bottom of this very deep hole

The entrance to the cave

Inside one of the cave pasages

Looking back towards daylight

Further into the cave

The entrance to Yordas cave...We went inside here and within 50 yards it opens into a massive underground chamber that leads to a fantastic waterfall  that is coming from above. I tried taking photo's but it was just too big for the flash to have any effect.

Tracey inside Yordas cave

On the way back, this isn't a path. It's a dried up river bed

It was only about a 4 foot scramble but she still fell off !!!!!

Tracey is back on her feet but not too impressed.

Over the bridge and back to the car

Friday 6th April 2012