Around Hoghton

3 Local walks around Hoghton and Samlesbury

walk 1. From Samlesbury bottoms.    Approx 3.6 miles

This walk starts at the stile into the field just before the bend in the road at Samlesbury Bottoms, cross the stile and bear left following a wide track that runs alongside the River Darwen. Follow the river until the path reaches a stile, cross and bear right up the hill on a clear path. This then bends left, then right as it rises to meet a stile by a gate at the top.


Cross the stile heading for another straight ahead, over this and on accross the field via a rough track heading for Bolton Hall Farm. Approaching the farm, bear right over the stile then over another on to the farm track heading away.


After approx 300 yards turn right at the first road track Highfield farm, through the farm yard, bearing right behind the house, over a stile and sharp left heading accross a field to a footbridge. over the bridge and straight on through a small wooded area. Tis bears left to emaerge in an open field, head straight accross, then at the field gate, head straight accross the next field to a kissing gate. Through the gate keeping straight towards the bridge over the railway line.


about 100 yards before the bridge and by a pond, turn sharp right and head accross the field heading for the right hand corner to find a stile. Over the stile an onwards past a pond on the right, through a gate and keep to the right hand hedge to emerege on a track besides Blanket Hall. This then comes on to Gib Lane. Turn right and walk on to Cripplegate lane on the left, turn down here and follow the wide track. Turn right at a wide track and emerge on to Roach Rd.


Turn left and after a few yards go right over a stile on to a nother track. As the track heads straight on, bear right alongside the old disused quarry to another stile. Over this and sharp left to cross a small footbridge and stile. keep to the left hand hedge down to the field corner and over a ecluded stile. bear right, diagonaly accross the field to meet another small footbridge and stile. Cross and head on to come out on Goosefoot Lane. Turn right and immediateley left down a Footpath signposted drive, past the house and down the steps to cross a brook at the bottom. Up the other side, over another stile and straight on towards, Blakey Hey Farm.


Approaching the farm, go left over a stile and head to the left hand side of the farm buildings, cross 2 more stiles, over the farm track and over another stile opposite to enter the field. From here a straight trod accross the field drops us down to the river where we started.

Walk 2. From Chapel Lane, Hoghton.  Approx 4.2 miles

The start for this walk is the old Chapel just beyond the railway bridge. Head off down the track opposite and take the kissing gateon the left opposite the gate that crosses the railway track, immediately over a stile then down the path, left at a stile by an old brick built domed well and down to Viaduct Road. cross the road and head directly accross down the farm track towards a bridge over the River Darwen. Continue on, then left at a wall and in a 100 yards or so take the stile on your right. Follow the Witton Weavers way, initially alongside the golf cours then over a stile in to open fields. The way is now pretty much straight on, passing the aquaduct which crosses the valley.


The path rise up over two more stiles and past a few houses before emerging alongside the Butlers Arms at Pleasington. Turn left on the road past the impressive Pleasington Priory, then bear right just passed the priory along a tarmac track. Keep left as the path branches and pass through this lovely small hamlet.  Just before the last house turn left in to a filed opening and over a stile on the left. head up the small hill and onwards accross an open expanse of grassland. The path climbs gradually towards the far right corner, a lone tree in the open has a footpath arroww pointing the way.


On reaching the corner, cross a rckety stile in to woodland, walk on a couple of hundred yards before turning left through the trees for just a short way to cross a stile (more of a gap in the fence) into the field. From here, keep straight on with Witton Weavers Way arrow markers pointing you in the right direction. On reaching the road, cross and straight on keeping the hedge on your right towards Close Farm.


Just before the farm buildings bear left and follow a hedge line on your right. At the end of the hedge keep straight on until you reach a stile (a double stile) Cross this and the path drops sharply into a small wooded area, turn sharp right (you have no choice) and follow the path onwards before it bears left overlooking a deep ravine, below is the River Darwen. The path now follows the river, dropping all the time until you are at river level.


Follow the obvious path towards farm buildings, over a stile and turn sharp right to a footbridge over the Darwen. Follow the road through Hoghton Bottoms, then turn right at footpath sign just after the road bends left. Over a stile then sharp left to follow the path round the back of the buildings. Cross a stile then bear left and clim a short but sharp hill keeping the small brook to your left. Once at the top of the steep bank, head diagonally right to reach a still on to a wide track. Turn left and follow this track approx half a mile back to the road. At the road turn right to find yourself back at the starting point.

Walk 3.  Around Hoghton Towers.  Approx 2.8 miles

This is a good evening stroll type of a walk. Starting on Chapel lane take the stile in to the field about 150 metres before the railway bridge. Up the field to the wall at the top and turn left alongside the wall, through a stile into the woods and forward, soon dropping to cross the railway at a gated crossing.


Turn right after the railway and follow this broad track all the way to the bottom, emerging between buildings. Bear right and follow the path towards the Railway viaduct. This massive structure towres above you. Go under the viaduct arch and follow the obvious path alongside the river through the impressive Hoghton Gorge.


The path meanders along the river bank for about half a mile before emerging at a gated style. through the still and turn sharp right up a widening stone track that climbs sharply uphill to another gate. Take the track left and follow this to the main road at Riley Green.


Turn right and walk towards the Royal Oak pub. Turn right immedialtely after the pub and continue onwards over a stile and up the field with Hoghton towers prominent on your right. Cross a stile and continue in a straight line through an opening with a small wooded area at either side, another stile sees the path drop down to pass through an old iron kissing gate that leads on to the main driveway to Hoghton Towers.


Continue straight accross past the few houses on the right, over another stile to then walk alongside a stone wall. This brings you back to the point where you started, turn left down the field back to Chapel lane.