Photos from Steel Fell and Helm Cragg

The famous Lion and the Lamb on Helm Cragg are visited on this Lake District classic walk. A long steep ascent of Steel Fell is climbed before a fine ridge walk takes in Calf Cragg and Gibson Knott before reaching Helm Cragg and the "Howitzer" a cannon shaped rock that looks like a giant cannon.

A misty and damp start on the climb to Steel Fell

Steel Fell looking up to the first of three false summits!!! You think you're at the top, but you aren't!!!

Eventually you reach the untidy looking summit cairn

A break in the cloud shows the view back towards Grasmere

a bit of a view accross the valley to ullscarf on route to Calf Cragg

From Calf Cragg, the route over Gibsons Knott to Helm Cragg becomes visible

The "Lion and the Lamb" can be seen just below the cloud on the summmit of Helm Cragg

The cloud is lifting and the views become what you'd expect from the Lake district

Gibsons knott with Helm Cragg in the background

Looking back over Gibsons knott form the approach to Hel Cragg

The Vale of Grasmere

Getting closer to Helm Cragg summit

The fantastic ridge walk back over Gibsons Knott to Calf Cragg

"The Howizer" the true summit of Helm Crag. Alfred Wainwright never actually managd to climb to the top of this rock

The Howizer from the Lion and the lamb

"The Lion" from far down in the valley it really does like like a Big cat

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