Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike
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This walk starts at the small car park at Gatesgarth and then follows the path up to Scarth Gap and onto Haystacks. Thiswas Alfred Wainwrights' favourite mountain and where is ashes were scattered. From the summit, the fantstic path passes inonimate tarn onthe way to the 2nd summit of the walk at Fleetwith Pike. The views all the way around are stunning. The decent of Fleetwith is however very steep as it drops back down to Gatesgarth. This walk can be done in reverse, but the ascent of Fleetwith Pike is extremely tough.

The jagged outline of Haystacks. The favourite mountain and final resting place of  Alfred Wainwright

Fleetwith Pike, the route of our descent

Buttermere from the start of the clim to scarth gap

The view from Scarth Gap

"Trevor" posing for another photo

The summit tarn on Haystacks

Innonomate Tarn, with Pillar behind. Alfred Wainwright had his ashes scattered around this tarn.

The path from Haystacks to Fleetwith Pike

A fantastic view down Wanscale into Buttermere and beyond

Blackbeck Tarn with Great Gable in the background

Tracey on top of the world, well Fleetwith Pike actually!!

And that's the view from Fleetwith Pike

Give us your apple!!

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