Gummers How
Sat 13th April 2013

Gummers How, our target summit today

Looking down to Lakeside at the South End of  Windermere

Into The Woods

A Lakeland Lane at Line Riggs

A Farm !!

Simpson Ground Reservoir

Friendly and very curious spring lambs

Lakeland scenery....and sheep !!

More lakeland scenery....and more sheep

The climb to the summit of Gummers How

Looking South from the climb

The Tig point on Gummers How

Tracey has made it, .....To the top that is, not built the trig point !!

I built it while I was waiting for her.

Boats on Windermere below

A ferry heading for Bowness

Looking North along the length of Windermere

The descent

A closer view of the lake from the shore in Bowness

The view from the beer grden at The Angel Inn in Bowness

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