A day in Llandudno and a tram ride to The Great Orme in North Wales

The Tram to Great Orme arriving at Llandudno Tramway Station

The view from The Tram

On the Great Orme with Snowdonia in the background

Great Orme Summit

4 ways up and down, drive, tram, walk or cable car

Tram leaving the station at the top

Looking across the Orme to Llandudno

Cable cars

The Tram is pulled up the mountain by cable system under the rails

One tram going up, one coming down. Just in front of tram 6 the line splits into two.

The tram approaching the halfway station on it's descent. We took the tram up, but walked down

Looking back to the halfway station and the summit beyond

The town of Llandudno from the descent

And from a bit further down

Almost down to the tram station

The Kings Head for lunch


The Kings Head is right next to the Tram Station

Llandudno Promenade lookin towards Little Orme

And towards Great Orme

Lllandudno pier

A british beach scene

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