Dubai, UAE
February 2016

Just arrived in Dubai

The small but very welcome pool

Dubai Skyline

Evening meal at Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Resturaunt on The Palm

Beer at last !!!!!

The entrance to Atlantis on The Palm

Same photo but in black and white

This the Hotel that we didn't stay at !!!

Out of the Resturaunt and into the Aquarium

Down by "The Creek"

The Dows will take you across the River for the princely sum of 20p

So we stumped up 40p for the 2 of us and set sail

The Al Fahidi Fort, The oldest building in Dubai

And on to the Tallest building in the World, The Burj Khalifa

Sunset by the Burj Khalifa lake

And a magnificent fountain display

Evening, and on to the Irish Village

Me and Paul enyoing the Killkenny Bitter at The Irish Village

A spot of Lunch in the shadow of The Burj Khalifa

And a lovely pint of Lager !!!

The Burj Khalifa by night

It changes every few seconds


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Dubai 2016