The Chorley 11
Sunday 31st March 2014
This is an 11 mile walk from Botany Bay in Chorley, over Heally Nab to White Coppice, on to Brinscall and  Withnell and then along the old railway line footpath to Abbey Village, The route then goes over Pike Lowe heading for Withnell Fold, where you meet the Leeds Liverpool Canal and follow it back to Botany Bay.  

Start of the walk, up Baganley Lane opposite The Lock and Quay pub

A muddy climb up to Heally Nab

Climbing into Nab Woods

The muddy descent down the other side of Heally Nab

A much more spring like image as we reach White Coppice

The path along the goit to Brinscall

From Brinscall the route follows the old trackbed of the Chorley - Blackburn railway. The Bridge goes under Bury Lane at Withnell

Towards Abbey Village and the path goes under the viaduct,  when Bolton Rd is reached we double back on a path above the
old railway line and cross over the Viaduct

Looking back down the path from the viaduct

The path heads back towards the church on Bury Lane before sriking off ttowards Pike Lowe

Crossing Pike Lowe, heading for Snape Heights

Pike Lowe reservoir, looking more like a high security prison complete with 12 foot hight electric fences and security cameras !!

Approaching Snape Heights Farm, all downhill from here.

An industril scene from a bygone age as we reach the Canal towpath at Withnell Fold

Leeds - Liverpool Canal

Reflective ducks !!

Total Gridlock at Wheelton Moorings

The Top Lock

The locks at Whittle le Woods

After what seemed like forever on the towpath, Botany Bay and the end of the walk comes into view.

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Sunday 31st March 2014