Cautley Spout in The Howgills

 Crossing the River Rathay at the start of the walk

Cautley Craggs from the footbridge

The waterfalls of Cautley Spout lie ahead

The path climbs up the right hand side of the waterfalls

The first of many cascades

Tony, taking a breather

Me, waiting for Tony !!!

The noise of the water hear is really loud.

The view back down into the Valley

Almost at the top of the Waterfall now

The very top of Cautley Spout.

The path taking us to "The Calf"

On the summit of The Calf, at 687 metres, this is the highest point on our walk

Tony cheated and stood on a rock to get higher than me.

The view from the top of Cautley Craggs looking into the valley we climbed out of.

There's the pub !! Turned out to be a "Temperance Inn"" - They don't sell alcohol :(

Heading down now.

The Craggs from the road.

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Wednesday 25th May 2011