Cat Bells - 4 seasons in one day!!

Cat Bells is noted as most peoples introduction to Walking in the Lakes, don't be fooled, it is still a tough climb, particularly in weather like we had today. To be expected in February i suppose, but we had had rain, snow, sleet, bright sunshine and a gale force winds all in 2 hour walk.

A snow capped Causey Pike from the start of the climb to Cat Bells

A glint of sun in the valley below

Tracey and Jaq take a breather on a steepr than expected ascent.

Cat Bells straight ahead with Maiden Moor in the background.

The path to the top!!!

Derwent water with keswick in the background

Very changeable weather !!

The path we have just walked accross

Stepping onto the summit

Starting the descent

The other end of the rainbow

The path back to Hawes End

A double rainbow over Derwent Water

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14th February 2011