Anglezarke Route 4.4 miles (easy)

This walk can be started and finished at several locations around the route. I chose to park the car in a small layby, just past Watermans Cottage on Moor Road.

Clockwise or anti- clockwise, take your pick. I chose ant-clockwise and from the car followed the road back past Watermans cottage and left around the end of the reservoir.
At s the road bends sharp right go ahead at the stile and climb the steps up the banking to a further stile at the top. From here, pass around the gorse bushes and then head diagonally left up the field, heading for a white post (a gas main marker) visible at the far side.

As you near the post, you’ll see the stile that takes you out of the field and on to the track to Heally Nab. Turn left and follow this pleasant and wide path, it’s actually called Heapey Fold Lane. Continue along the path and as the main path bends right, continue through a footpath marked gate straight on. Continue to emerge on  the driveway to kays Farm, where you turn right to Back Lane.

Turn left on Back Lane and follow the road past the reservoir banking on your left hand side. As the road starts to bend left, take a stile on your left which is tucked away to the left of a a 5 barred gate. Cross the stile and within a few metres cross another stile and follow a stony path that bends left follows the edge of the reservoir. Keep ahead to emerge on the road at the South end of Anglezarke res.

Turn left and follow the road across the dam and left as it follows the edge of the res. Continue along the pavement and turn left at the next road junction.

As the road takes a hairpin bend, continue straight on towards the signposted carpark, through the metal stile and follow the Tarmac path along the edge of the res. Follow this path as it bends to the right and then comes back left and climbs slightly. Keep left where the main track turns sharp right and head into the woodland area.

This is a fantastic stretch, through woodland with the reservoir visible on your left. The path crosses a couple of boardwalks and there are benches to sit and admire the view. Continue ahead, the path eventually bending to the right and dropping down a few steps to meet a crossroads of paths.
Turn sharp left here and drop down before the path bears right and climbs slightly to reach a stile where you then enter open countryside.

From here, follow the obvious path that eventually descends to appear by the road where you started.