Mountshannon, County Clare, Ireland 2007
A Fantastic family holiday, with great friends, in the best country in the world

Our holiday home in County Clare

Looks like Lisa jusdt beat Jonathan and Dan at jenga !!!

The Cliffs of Mohair

The castle perched over the Atlantic

Killarney, the Irish lake District

About to enter the gap of Dunloe on the Jarvey

Away we go

Tracey leads the way on the Horse

A thirsty horse

The Gap of Dunloe dead ahead

This is the chap that got us to this fantastic place

The Ladies admiring the view

Jonathan takes the lead for the journey back

Lisa on the horse (sadly, I've forgotten his name)

The ladies admiring the view

and what a view !!!!!    Natalie !!

The Bridge over the River Shannon, This side is County Clare

This side is County Limmerick

The lads in Galway

Shopping in Galway

Drinking in Galway !!

It toook us ages to find this bakery, well worth it though.